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Calendar Talk Kit

Printable Pieces for a Spanish Display
Multi level

Calendar Talk is a daily, weekly, or monthly activity in which the teacher talks with the class about what has happened and will be happening in their lives and community. If you are ready to make Calendar Talk part of your classroom routine, these printable display pieces will make it easy for you to keep the conversation comprehensible to your students with the support of clear visuals.

The pieces in this resources are extremely versatile! Print, cut, and laminate the individual components of this 8.5"X11" PDF file for beautiful Calendar Talk pieces that will last you years! There are 42 pages total, with 1 - 8 pieces per page. Use in a pocket chart or use magnetic tape or adhesive tape to support your Calendar Talk activity on a daily basis!


  • black and white OR multi-color numbers 1-31
  • black and white or color years 2021 - 2028
  • 7 days
  • 12 months
  • 5 birthday date cards
  • a larger (8.5X11") birthday announcement poster (you can print, post and then give to the student on their birthday, or laminate and change the name(s) with a dry erase marker each day!)
  • "ayer fue..., hoy es..., mañana será" poster
  • 12 illustrated weather expressions posters
  • 28 student sports and activities posters (useful for discussing school events or even for doing discussions about the weekend)

This product is NOT editable due to clipart and font licensing. If you would like to request additions or alternative pieces, please email [email protected] to make your request. Color and size of printed posters may vary depending on your printer settings and quality. Laminating is recommended for durability.

This product is a collaboration between Placido Language Resources and The Comprehensible Classroom. Please contact [email protected] if you have purchased a similar resource from Placido Language Resources and want to determine whether this product is a good fit for you.


  • I bought this thinking it would help me improve my calendar talks. It turned into a beautiful display in my classroom, and it's so functional. I love the weather phrases, the colors, and the inclusion of a birthday certificate! I added some colored paper behind some of the printouts, just for a little added color and shape.

    Carla Z.
  • Not only is it very useful but it saved me from recreating the wheel. The students are able to see patterns and learn basic calendar information. Recommend it to anyone that does not already have it. 

    Rocio R.
  • This is a colorful visual to have. I used to post each word daily during calendar talk because I printed them at full size. This year, I reprinted at a fraction of the full size so I could fit all the months, numbers, days of the week and activities on one bulletin board. I like having them all posted now, it's a better system for me and I am happy to have this resource available! 

    Rachel T.
  • Bright and colorful but easy to read, this was a great time saver over trying to create reusable calendar parts on my own. My students enjoy coming to the front of the room to talk to the class about the date, weather, birthdays etc. We never really grow past our enjoyment of kindergarten circle time!

    Lynne W.
  • This resource is awesome! I printed it out, laminated the pages, cut them out, and attached magnets to the back to use on my whiteboard. It works great! It's super comprehensible, and engages students. LOVE!!!

    Joelle T.

Calendar Talk Kit


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