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El Canal de Panamá Spanish 3+ 7094399 1

El canal de Panamá

A cultural reading with activities that is well suited for Spanish 3 and beyond

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)

Give your Intermediate Spanish students a broad overview of the Panama Canal with the materials in this 7-page resource! It is a perfect preview for the Comprehension-Based Reader Vector by Carrie Toth, available at, or as a stand-alone lesson on the Panama Canal.


  • Video links with clear directions for incorporating them in the lesson.
  • 2-page “El canal de Panamá” reading in the packet
  • Map of the canal and a diagram of the locks
  • 17 comprehension questions with answer key
  • 2 online whole-class games! (links provided in the resource, account creation may be required by the teacher)
  • Writing prompt

This product is a collaboration between Placido Language Resources and The Comprehensible Classroom. Contact support@comprehensibleclassroom if you have already purchased a similar resource from Placido Language Resources to ensure that you do not make a duplicate purchase.

  • Great resource to use with the reader Vector!

    Krysti Bowerman
  • I used this as part of an introduction to Panama before we read the CI novel, Vector.

    Kelly Ochoa
  • This was an incredible, low preparation resource in which my students were actively engaged!

    Kimberly T.
  • Using this as a foundation prior to reading "Vector" with my students. This is a great way to orient them to the region, etc. THANK YOU

    Kate Chan

El canal de Panamá


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