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The Circumlocution game | Spanish

Practice this important language skill with this game!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
12 Pages

We have all had the experience of not knowing a word that we need to use and needing to describe it– circumlocution is an important part of interpersonal communication and an incredibly valuable skill in another language!

In this game, students will practice circumlocution by describing objects to a teammate and trying to get them to guess the word, in ENGLISH, that the student is describing. Many of the words featured on the product game cards would not likely be known by a high schooler studying Spanish as a second language, and for that reason the goal is to get the teammate to guess the word in English.

Try using this resource with students beginning at the end of Level 2, when they have acquired a good range of vocabulary and developed sufficient presentational speaking skills to be able to describe the random objects that are included in the game!


  • 54 cards with clipart images and a word in English
  • Instructions for assembly and game play
  • A Circumlocution "chat mat" with useful descriptive sentence starters in Spanish (ex: "Es una cosa...")
  • I used this with my Spanish for Heritage students, but it could be used with less-advanced levels, also. They had fun with it and have asked to play it again soon. A good way to practice circumlocution.

    Janet W.
  • My students enjoyed the game. They are having trouble using circumlocution and get stuck on words so this was great to make them think.

    Meaghan H.
  • Super fun! I added a little video explanation to help with idea of circumlocution. Was a big hit in levels 3-5! I like that it is a specific opportunity to practice using their circumlocution skills!

    Rachel T.
  • I've purchased several different types of "Circumlocution" activities and think they are essential skills for students to learn! I like this one though, because of the great "cheat sheet" that I can share with my students and the playing cards are nice as well!

    Karen W.
  • Great game, for an important skill. My heritage students love this game and I'm going to try it next year with Spanish 4.

    Mary G.

The Circumlocution game | Spanish


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