Mon monstre Mad Libs in French

Thank you to Beth Lemoine for translating the Monster body parts activity that I recently posted into French! She emailed it to me this evening with permission to share it on the blog. Click on the image below to access it, and click here for more about how to use it in class!

Body parts: Round Robin and Mad Libs

I am in the process of doing two things: (1) sorting through old files and finding things that I’ve never posted, and (2) adding featured images to old blog posts. Because of this, you’re going to see a lot of automatic post notifications pop up on Facebook and Twitter–just know that only a few of them are … Continue reading Body parts: Round Robin and Mad Libs

Mad Libs

Click here to download two mad libs that I created as a fun, easy-going activity to do after the kids have spent a full morning on state tests. We’re going to fill them out simultaneously (so that I can make sure students understand those nasty grammar terms) using the Round Robin structure (the same way that … Continue reading Mad Libs

10 CI Activities for when you just can’t

Do you ever just need a day? You look at your lesson plans and think, “I…just…can’t”? A few days ago, I had a day. I got some news that knocked me out emotionally, and since I was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant (now 40 weeks pregnant…come on girl!….)…I just needed a day. I’m not teaching, but I had my three … Continue reading 10 CI Activities for when you just can’t