Peace begins with you – PPT for Spanish classes

Tonight, I am sad for my country. The events that transpired this past weekend in Charlottesville are not unique. As language teachers, we are about communication. We are about comprehension. We are about connection. We are about community. Let's also be about change. I've been reading a lot of posts about what teachers are doing … Continue reading Peace begins with you – PPT for Spanish classes

First Day of School Checklist

Pull out laminated character cards to assign seats at the door. (Currently in French and Spanish--send me translations for other languages and I will add them into the file!) Photocopy name card template onto cardstock; enough for each student to have one. Have markers available for name card writing--only dark colors that can be easily … Continue reading First Day of School Checklist

Proficiency & tacos

Great activity for the first week of school!! Thanks @srtabarragan for sharing @musicuentos ' blog! So, about informing our students on proficiency. One of the great ideas that came from that PD I went to was this ‘taco’ activity. It’s designed to be done in... Continue Reading → via Proficiency & tacos.