Ruidos en la noche Script and Plans

After introducing regular preterite conjugations through the stories La muchacha y la ardilla and La madre de Jasón, it was time to tackle the irregular preterite verbs. First category? I-Y changers (oír, leer, concluir, caer, etc.). My students once again helped me to write a fun script, "Ruidos en la noche" ("Noises in the night--script … Continue reading Ruidos en la noche Script and Plans

La madre de Jasón Script

The journey continues...and I am continuing to love it as my students continue to have great success learning new structures and producing grammatically correct past narration! Woohoo! We followed up our focused study of -AR regular preterite verbs, using the "La muchacha y la ardilla" story, with a focused study of -ER and -IR regular … Continue reading La madre de Jasón Script