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A Dios le pido

October 14, 2011

[youtube=] This song has been around for quite a few years now, and I've used it for different things at different times. This year, I used it with my Spanish II students to talk about the subjunctive! They just don't know that that's what we are talking about :)). One of our target structures this week was "le pide" (s/he asks him/her for), and we were discussing the interesting pattern we noticed that after "le pide que", the letter at the end of the next verb switches from an "a" to an "e". So we listened to this song and pointed out all of the times that we saw that happen, and what happens to verbs like "ir" and "ser" (vaya and sea). Most of the kids won't remember to use the pattern, but I have some that will, and so it was a good way to keep their minds working and engaged. Here is the lyrics sheet that I created: A dios le pido

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