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Learn Spanish online through stories.

Garbanzo is an online, interactive library for Spanish classrooms. Our comprehensible stories are designed to support language acquisition for multilevel learners.

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By Educators, For Educators.

Garbanzo helps foster language acquisition in a way that’s fun for students and simple for teachers. Through the power of storytelling, Garbanzo engages students at their level while teaching culturally relevant topics. All Garbanzo lessons are adapted from The Somos Curriculum, the widely acclaimed and comprehension-based language curriculum created by The Comprehensible Classroom and trusted by 100k+ teachers worldwide.

With Garbanzo, language learning can happen anywhere.

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Spanish lessons to choose from
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Story-Based Learning

Storytelling is the most natural and time-honored way to learn a new language. Choose from our library of 1.2k+ stories and guided learning paths to assign lessons for your students. Each includes audio, images, illustrations, and interactive challenges to support comprehension.

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Measurable progress

Garbanzo makes it easy to track student learning progress across classes. Monitor completion scores and learning activity to understand your students’ successes (and struggles). Easily manage bulk licenses for districts and schools from one central dashboard.

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Garbanzo has been an absolute lifesaver for me this year and I think it has been so beneficial for my students. I really appreciate this website! 

Megan Wilkey

THANK YOU for an amazing product. Garbanzo is saving me so much time and my students ENJOY what they read! It is so user friendly for the kids and I appreciate that you are constantly adding and looking for ways to improve an already awesome experience! 

Kristy Placido

I absolutely recommend Garbanzo!  I have students in the beginner levels as well as advanced who love that it's more interactive than "here's a paragraph with questions at the end"... it is constantly checking for comprehension throughout the reading and has so many readings to choose from, from very basic to more advanced! I LOVE GARBANZO!! 

Kelly Osorio

I love Garbanzo, it's one of the best purchases my school has made for me ever!! 

Marisa Maldonado

Today, I had a student actually request that I assign her extra Garbanzos because she said she loves doing them so much. I am SO thankful for Garbanzo and SOMOS this year. It has made this crazy year easier for me to manage and fun for myself and my students!

Sarah Hernandez Przybyl

 I'm so grateful for Garbanzo. I have a cold and my throat hurts. Today, I assigned Garbanzo lessons because the idea of talking for 8 classes today didn't seem manageable. 

Jennifer W.

Absolutely recommend Garbanzo! The students can progress at their speed but it really holds them accountable for the readings. 

Jenna Keller

I love using Garbanzo and feel like it has provided my students SO MUCH input while also taking pressure off of me to create new readings and activities! 

Meredith Gunderson

I love Garbanzo– and better yet, my students are understanding and enjoying activities. 

Maria P.

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