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The Somos Curriculum

The Comprehensible Classroom is the publisher of The Somos Curriculum®, which has been adopted by more than 100,000 Spanish teachers and districts. This groundbreaking curriculum is grounded in the connection between the Spanish language and its speakers and their cultures. 

Using comprehension-based methods of language teaching and an orientation toward proficiency, The Somos Curriculum teaches language and culture simultaneously, allowing Spanish students the opportunity to develop cultural understanding at a depth rarely achieved in beginning language courses.

Languages of Instruction

The Comprehensible Classroom primarily publishes materials in four languages: Spanish, French, Latin, and English.


All of our resources are digital downloads, making it easy for districts to distribute purchased materials. Shop directly on our website using a credit card or Purchase Order, or use the form above to connect with our team.

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Proficient language learners can talk about topics, for purposes, with accuracy; The Somos Curriculum is designed to achieve this result. In every lesson of The Somos Curriculum, learners engage in real-life communication on many different topics that help students to develop linguistic proficiency and interculturality.

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Communication without purpose is not communication. Each of The Somos Curriculum® units fits within one or more communicative themes that are relevant to learners’ lives. The themes are aligned with AP and IB themes, among others. Somos units address themes such as:

  • Identity
  • Customs and values
  • Education
  • Environmental issues
  • Language
  • Art
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Rich in Culture

Language connects. By focusing instruction on high frequency words, learners are able to explore both simple and complex cultural products, practices, and perspectives — even in the Novice curriculum. In The Somos Curriculum, culture is not an afterthought. It’s an integral part of every unit.

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Authentic resources

Authentic resources create a context for the language, motivate the learner, and offer students an insider’s view to the target culture. In each unit of The Somos Curriculum, students engage meaningfully with authentic resources, which reinforces the direct relationship between the language classroom and the outside world. The authentic resources used in The Somos Curriculum are aligned with the task models from the AP Language and Culture Exam, including promotional materials, literary texts, articles, charts, letters, audio reports, conversations, interviews, instructions, and presentations.

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Natural acquisition

Different from a traditional curriculum, The Somos Curriculum does not have a specific grammar focus for each unit. The daily lesson plans provide suggestions for using contextualized grammar instruction such as Pop-up Grammar and Grammar in Context to help students understand the meaning of the grammatical forms that they observe in the language. All performance assessments are focused on understanding and being understood, not on mastery of specific grammar concepts.

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This curriculum is so engaging. My students love that they are using the language instead of just memorizing vocabulary and completing conjugation charts. They also enjoy all the cultural elements. Thank you!

Sara R.

Somos has been a game changer in my classroom. My students are engaged every day and they love the lessons, activities, and games. The curriculum begins to build their confidence from Day 1. Everything is complete and ready for the teacher! 

The Spanish Saylor

The Somos Curriculum has literally been a lifesaver for me this school year! It is so fun and so thorough! The curriculum uses songs, stories, and really fun things to help students learn how to communicate in Spanish! My students are able to communicate instead of just memorizing vocabulary! 

Emma H.

This curriculum was worth every penny! The resources provided are top quality and the plans themselves are very well thought out and developed. My students love the movie talks, all the musical activities, and even the notes and daily warm ups are entertaining. If you're on the fence about getting this, do it!

Dennis J.

My students loved the material. Each unit had a memorable story and/or a song that students would remember for weeks! Also, the small amount of target vocabulary used is not threatening to students, specifically to those with special needs. This curriculum also gave me the tools I needed to write lesson plans super fast and easily. 

Camila del Castillo

I love using Somos in my classroom! It makes my job so much easier with already made plans, slides, and student work. It is also so easy to modify to fit students' needs. We especially enjoy the songs and silly stories.

Adrianna S.

My students were engaged and speaking, reading, writing in Spanish for the first time. They used to hate Spanish, but now they love it. I see growth and fluency going higher. 

Rafael G.

I have never been so in love with a Spanish curriculum. Every activity is designed well and is comprehensible to students. I love being able to use the plans without needing to create my own materials but having the flexibility to do so if I want to. Worth every penny!

Christine T.

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