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About Us

Unlock the power of comprehensible input.

Everyone agrees that Comprehensible Input is a necessary ingredient for language acquisition. We teach you how to use it!

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A new approach to language education.

Since 2010, The Comprehensible Classroom has been changing the way that language is taught in classrooms around the world. We believe that all students are capable of acquiring language, and it is our mission for students, teachers, and administrators to believe it too.

We focus on language acquisition, not language learning

When students encounter Comprehensible Input through what they hear and read in the classroom, then language acquisition is effortless. Even the most unmotivated learner will acquire language through exposure to comprehensible input!

We prioritize target language usage to maximize growth in proficiency

Students need target language exposure to become more proficient. We support teachers in developing strategies to maximize their time spent teaching in the target language. Language comprehension keeps students engaged in target language instruction!

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Martina Bex

Founder & CEO

Martina is internationally recognized for her leadership and expertise in the world language teaching profession as a teacher trainer and curriculum developer.

As a middle school Spanish teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, Martina discovered the power of Comprehensible Input when she observed a colleague teaching Russian using TPRS® (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). This sparked her interest in learning about the importance of language comprehension in second language acquisition.

Martina began experimenting and sharing her journey on The Comprehensible Classroom blog. Her clear explanations and step-by-step tutorials made Teaching for Acquisition a real possibility for language teachers around the world. When Martina left the classroom to be a full-time mom to her growing family, the demand for her expertise in the field of language education didn’t diminish. She began working from home to provide classroom resources and professional development to districts and organizations that were interested in her comprehension-focused approach to language teaching. 

Now, more than a decade later, Martina is a respected international expert and thought leader in the field of language education. She balances her responsibilities as CEO of The Comprehensible Classroom with her favorite job of all: homeschool teacher to her five children in northern Vermont.

Our Team

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    Elicia Cárdenas

    Director of Training

    After partnering with The Comprehensible Classroom for two years as a part-time Curriculum Mentor and trainer, Elicia joined as the full-time Director of Training in 2020. Elicia travels throughout North America to work with districts and organizations that represent teachers who are ready to transform their classroom instruction through Comprehension-based instruction. Elicia is also the founder of the Deskless Classroom.

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    Samantha Brumagin

    Director of Operations

    Sam’s background in marketing and efficient business systems keeps The Comprehensible Classroom running like a well-oiled machine, allowing our trainers, authors, curriculum contributors and mentors to focus on producing the excellent products and services that teachers expect from our organization. Sam lived in Nicaragua for a year and loves having the opportunity to again work in a business that promotes language acquisition and culture. 

  • Ifeoluwa Osuntokun

    Ifeoluwa Osuntokun

    Training Operations Coordinator

    Ifeoluwa has been in education for over 10 years, both in front of students in a classroom teaching Spanish and behind the scenes as a director at an education company. She brings these experiences to The Comprehensible Classroom as the Training Operations Coordinator to provide support to the training team, be a point of connection between districts/educators and the company, and ensure trainings and workshops are successful behind the scenes. When not working, she enjoys watching all the animal shows on the National Geographic channel, learning new languages (currently French) and playing tennis with friends and family.

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    Meghan Loveless

    Project Manager

    With a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, Meghan has discovered her passion in her role managing product support and development for The Comprehensible Classroom. Meghan continues to work part-time as a Middle School Spanish teacher in Colorado, which provides her with direct insight into the current needs of classroom language learners. Meghan played a critical role in the development of the Somos Flex Curriculum, is a co-author for the company's new Exploratory Spanish Curriculum, Vamos, and oversees the development of new resources for French and Latin. When she isn't moving mountains for Spanish teachers, she dedicates herself to her roles as a wife, mother of four, grandma to one, and friend to many. 

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    Nelly Andrade-Hughes

    Contributing Author

    A native of Michoacán, Mexico, Nelly seeks every opportunity to engage students with her beautiful Spanish language. Nelly is a full-time teacher in Ohio, where she teaches all levels of Spanish. Nelly has worked with The Comprehensible Classroom since 2018 in various capacities, from content development to proofreading to voice artistry. In addition to her work as a teacher and team member, Nelly is a prolific author who has published seven outstanding novels for language learners, all of which are available through Wayside Publishing. You can find Nelly at local, state, and national conferences, regularly presenting on strategies for implementing Acquisition Driven Instruction and working closely with teachers as an instructional coach.

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Employment Opportunities

We believe that teachers are experts, and we partner with experienced classroom teachers for the many projects that our organization undertakes each year. In 2023 alone, more than 40 teacher experts collaborated with The Comprehensible Classroom in various capacities, including:

  • Instructional coaching at virtual and in-person trainings
  • Mentorship in virtual forums
  • Content authorship and development
  • Product support

The Comprehensible Classroom is committed to hiring team members that demonstrate respect and openness toward people from social and cultural backgrounds that are different than their own and are willing to examine their personal beliefs and biases in order to create a more just world. 

We post open positions on our Social Media profiles and advertise through our Newsletters. To inquire about positions that are currently open, please email us.

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I have learned so much from this course! I feel like I'm improving daily and I'm not kidding when I say how much more engaged my students seem with some of the small changes. They are responding so well! Students are still reaping the benefits now.

ABC Participant

I have never been so in love with a Spanish curriculum. Every activity is designed well and is comprehensible to students. I love being able to use the plans without needing to create my own materials but having the flexibility to do so if I want to. Worth every penny!

Christine T.

This class is by far the best I have ever taken! In my opinion this should be a required course in college and graduate courses for anyone wanting to become a language teacher. 

J. Meziane; ABC Participant

This curriculum is so engaging. My students love that they are using the language instead of just memorizing vocabulary and completing conjugation charts. They also enjoy all the cultural elements. Thank you!

Sara R.

I loved everything about this presentation. She shared practical hands-on activities for the classroom setting. It was very beneficial and I cannot wait to implement all this knowledge into my practice!

FLENJ Workshop Attendee

Somos has been a game changer in my classroom. My students are engaged every day and they love the lessons, activities, and games. The curriculum begins to build their confidence from Day 1. Everything is complete and ready for the teacher! 

The Spanish Saylor

Thank you SO much for your contributions to the foreign language teaching profession. I have seen both Martina and Elicia at various conferences and they are both captivating and engaging presenters.

P. Spinelli

Elicia does a fabulous job of modeling mutual respect and positivity! She told us on the front end what she would present, asked us to prioritize our learning interests, and then geared her presentation accordingly. Her passion inspires others!

Teacher Labs Attendee

This week’s training is the best I’ve ever attended. I’m still processing like crazy, but it’s good processing. As someone ready for deeper understanding, this absolutely blew my mind! Exceeds expectations!

TFA Attendee, Long Beach

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