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Ghost Stories Part II

October 26, 2011

Thank you so much to Emily Baker at Barlett High School for sharing the reading that she made about ghosts in Anchorage! I adapted it only to include some of the target structures that we've worked on so far this year. I am so excited that I now have a ghost reading for my students that already did the Clark ghost story last year!! After the kids read this, I am going to have them find a ghost story online and write a summary of it in Spanish to share with the class for a writing and then a speaking assessment. They will need to explain where the ghost 'lives' and has is regularly seen, what the cause of its death was, and what it wears. I will assess the writing using the writing rubric on my Free Write form, and I'll assess the speaking using my speaking notes sheet with the requirement to explain the three points that I already mentioned. Thank you, Emily, for giving me permission to post your awesome story! My professional life is so much happier when people share their creations with me!! Fantasmas en Anchorage

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