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I've used 'Two Truths and a Lie' many times in the past for various activities; usually for grammar related purposes (practicing a particular tense or verb), but this is a TPRS variation that can also Cooperative-Learning friendly! Two Truths and a Lie is an activity in which students develop two statements that are true about a given topic and one statement that is false. Then, others in the group (or class) have to try to identify the false statement. You can have students write down their statements on plain old paper, or you can click here to download the forms that I use (in English and Spanish). I like using forms because students can read the directions (in case they weren't listening/listening well), and it ensures that all criteria are met. 

For PQA: Have students write two things that are true about themselves and one thing that isn't. Ask for volunteers to share their three 'facts' with the class, then discuss them. 

For Story Review: Have students write two things that actually happened in the story and one thing that didn't. Students find partners using the Hand-Up/Stand-Up/Pair-Up structure to have students to find partners and share their three 'facts' with the partner. The partner must expose the lie, and then the students switch roles before finding new partners. Alternatively, the teacher could read each set of statements to the class, and students could make their guesses using cards labeled A, B, C or with whiteboards.

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