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Mis compañeros y yo

December 6, 2011

Here is a communicative activity that I did with my Spanish A students. Students need to interview classmates with the questions provided, and each classmate should sign their paper twice. (Each students will end up with a total of 24 signatures provided by 12 classmates.) Afterward, each student should compare him or herself to three of those twelve classmates by identifying one thing that they have in common and one thing that makes them different (ex: Enrique and I are similar because we are both guys, but we are different because he has a big family and I don't). This is a good activity for speaking and writing practice (for writing, it's nice because it covers the yo, tú, él/ella, and nosotros verb forms), but in order to turn it into Comprehensible Input, you will want to discuss the findings in class. Just ask the class questions like, "¿Quién tiene que caminar a la escuela?" and wait for an answer, then dig for details (¿por qué? ¿Con quién caminas?) and hope that something interesting comes up!

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