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Chain Reaction

March 6, 2012

This game is from Diana Painter, and it's kind of like an interactive matching quiz. Download the form that I use here.

  1. Divide the students into groups of eight or fewer.
  2. Cut out the eight cards on the page and divide them amongst the students in the group.
  3. One student reads the question on his/her card.
  4. All students examine their cards to see if the response that it contains makes sense.
  5. If their response matches the question, the student reads it out loud.
  6. Then, the same student reads the question on his/her card.
  7. The process repeats until all questions and responses have been read.

Diana used this with basic getting-to-know-you conversations, but it could be used for anything...facts from a story or article (Where does Peter go after his parents yell at him?/To his room), Trivia (What is sold at a lechería?/dairy products), sentence completion (I like football/and my favorite team is the Giants), subject/verb practice (I/eat fish, she/has a dog).

The key is to make sure that each question only has one possible answer in the set so that you avoid mass confusion.

Diana also extended the activity by having the students write about what they know about a character from a story (since her question set was getting-to-know questions).

Here is another extension that will help you to review stories or texts from different perspectives.

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