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Ave que emigra - Gaby Moreno

July 31, 2012

How much do I love the line «Ave que emigra»? A lot. Those are some wonderful elusive words that I want my students to know but never remember to work into lesson plans. Gracias, Gaby! This song is so sweet and has loads of potential for talking about...oh, lots of things: immigration, identity, or Canadian geese, to name a few. (WHAT!? You don't have a unit on Canadian geese?! Shame on you.) Hope that you are all having wonderful summers and not thinking about school too much, unless of course you want to. I'm dreading my return to the classroom because I can't bring my sweet son with me. Sigh. We've had an awesome summer, complete with a visit to NY and an epic DRIVE home to Alaska! I go back to school on August 16, so I should start posting regularly on this blog again shortly after that. Until then...I'll be watching the Olympics and slathering Orajel on my son's bleeding gums--doesn't get much better than that ;-) Here are the lyrics: Ave que emigra For ideas about how to use songs in your classroom, visit this post.    

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