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Performance Targets

August 16, 2012

I've finally done it!! Thanks to @srtabarragan and @tmsaue1, I have finally set Performance targets for each of my courses, and I have a rubric to accompany them!

Performance targets for each year of language


Students at my middle school are able to take 2 or 3 years of Spanish, depending on whether they begin in sixth or seventh grade. The courses are titled Spanish 1A, Spanish 1B, and Spanish 2A, and each course meets daily for between 45-55 minutes.


Because we know that language acquisition is subconscious and that everyone acquires language at a different rate, it would be unjust for me to set targets that force my students to 'aim high'. The targets that I settled on are easily attainable for ALL students that attend class regularly:

  • Year 1 - Novice Mid
  • Year 2 - Novice High
  • Year 3 - Intermediate Low
Performance targets for world language classes - rubrics for assessment in interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication

To set the targets, I reflected on what most of my students are usually able to do and then compared it with standards from other schools around the nation. I love having the chart that @srtabarragan designed, because it shows students that being "proficient" at any given level does not mean that you have reached the summit: there is always a next step. I used Crystal's document format, Thomas' proficiency level blurbs, and Kelly Daugherty's bicycles to create my version. If you'd like an editable version, you can download it here.

I can't wait to present this to my students with @musicuento's Proficiency & Tacos plan!!

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