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November 13, 2012

*This post is from 2012, so you can no longer enter the contest...but you can still have your own contest in class!

SUPER AWESOME CONTEST ALERT!! The Wordnik blog has a Twitter contest running to see who can create the best new word-blend (like Turducken--the famous Thanksgiving meal of a chicken in a duck in a turkey). Read details about how to enter the contest here.

Why not run this contest in your own classroom, in your language of instruction? I'm going to see what new Spanish word-blends my students can come up with. I'll create a bulletin board with the new words and their definitions. It would be a great way to work with a thematic set of vocabulary that you have to cover but contains too many words to truly make comprehensible. You could get lots of repetitions of the words that your students choose to use to make their word blends, and you could target high frequency structures like "bigger than", "smallest", "inside", "fits", or even "does" ("what do you do with a turducken?" Or "what does a turducken do?").

Super fun, right!? Great idea, @wordnik!

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