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¡Viene un hombre! Script and Plans

June 13, 2013 The very first lesson plan that I posted on this blog was for a unit focused on "Biblioburro", the donkey library in La Gloria, Colombia. This year, I finally re-vamped the unit that I had been working with since 2011 so that it fit into my curriculum map better. I wanted it to focus on several high-frequency structures instead of vocabulary like 'library', 'librarian', 'donkey', etc. (It still teaches that vocab; just not as the focal point of the unit.) The structures that I chose for it are "viene a un pueblo" (comes to a town), "toda la gente lee" (all of the people read), and "pone encima de" (puts on top of). Download the script that I wrote to teach the target structures here, and download the complete lesson plans for a seven-day unit here. The lesson plans have a lot of different activities that target the target structures prior to storyasking because the structures are fairly complex (all of them contain three or more words!).

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