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First Day of School Checklist

August 4, 2013

  • Pull out laminated character cards to assign seats at the door. (Currently in French and Spanish--send me translations for other languages and I will add them into the file!)
  • Photocopy name card template onto cardstock; enough for each student to have one.
  • Have markers available for name card writing--only dark colors that can be easily seen from across the room!
  • Have camera or iPhone ready to take students' pictures, holding their name cards, so that I can learn names FAST!
  • Photocopy syllabus
  • Black and blue dry-erase markers for writing new vocabulary on the board
  • Make sure the projector works to avoid a train wreck!
  • Spanish I: Make sure the Los pollitos dicen song and powerpoint are on the computer
  • Spanish II: Make sure the ¿En quién te hace pensar? powerpoint is on the computer and ready to go

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