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'Says' slides

August 17, 2013

My hubster surprised me with an early birthday date today. He recruited my sister to watch the boys and whisked me off on what was supposed to be the only sunny day this week (key word: supposed) on a drive south. As we wound along the 16 mile dead-end road back from Hope, Matt helped me realize that I have a problem.

I am addicted to lesson planning.

Not so much lesson planning as document formatting. I love it. We were driving along in silence for a bit, and I asked, "What are you thinking?" His answer was something about cars (he has an addiction of his own). And then he asked the question back to me. I was thinking about the new template that I downloaded for Keynote before we left this morning and how I couldn't wait to get home to convert some of my old flipcharts into the new format. Seriously! I think I have a disease.

That being said...

Download slides for the first week of school here!  There are two vocabulary slides and four slides for Campanadas. They are so cute I can't even stand it!!!! Gah! I love documents!!

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