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After reading Esperanza with my classes last year, I've been meaning to work up some more resources on Central American 'Chicken Buses'. My kids enjoyed learning about them so much! It took awhile for me to find good video resources on them (there are a lot of low-quality 'home videos'), but I got there! This song is so fun, but you will have to use your discretion when deciding whether or not to use it in class. The a-word appears at :32 seconds, and there is drinking in the video, as well. Some Spanish teachers, like Blair Brown, have edited out the questionable clips. Email me if you'd like more information on an edited version (comprehensible classroom at gmail dot com).

Click here to download the lyrics sheet that I created for this video (free), and click here to download the rest of the resources that I created: a four-level embedded reading with questions, discussion questions for the readings, suggestions for additional videos to show and discussion questions to use with them, and a design-your-own-bus activity.

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