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Grow Story Grow! Revisited

May 22, 2014

It has been a long time since I have mentioned Grow Story Grow on this blog--years, maybe! As we near the end of the year (today was the last day of classes here in Anchorage, yahoo!) and teachers are thinking about what to change and what materials to order for the 2014-2015 school year, I want to make sure that everyone is aware of this incredible language-learning resource!

Grow Story Grow contains over 100 online, interactive children's books that are written with high frequency vocabulary in the target language. (They offer Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and more!) Most books contain several levels that students can read in sequence, each time with greater detail--online embedded reading! They also contain follow-up activities for students to complete individually. Students can listen to audio for the books and can choose whether or not to show translations as they read.

I purchased a subscription to Grow Story Grow for each of the last three years that I was in the classroom, and it was money extremely well spent. Not only was I able to use it as a PAT option, an FVR option, a go-to activity for days when many students were absent, a fast finisher activity, as an add-on to units that shared target structures with the available readings, and more, but students could also access the site from home...and many did! Check out their "try before you buy" free stories option and play around with it this summer...I'm pretty confident that you'll be ready to subscribe in the fall :)

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