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On the third night of Hanukkah...

December 8, 2015

Tonight's giveaway is truly for ANYONE!

If you've spent any amount of time studying language acquisition (first or second), you know that recreational reading helps learners of all ages to develop their reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Reading--especially recreational reading--is powerful!

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To that end, I would love to help you learn more about the power of reading and watch your students experience that power by providing you with a copy of Stephen Krashen's "The Power of Reading" and up to $30.00 in novels from TPRS Publishing, Inc. in order to build your classroom free reading library. Since most novels are $6.00 when purchased as single copies (not class sets), you will most likely receive 5 novels in addition to Krashen's text.

But how to enter? That's always the catch with these Hanukkah giveaways, isn't it?! If you want me to give something to you, I am asking you to first give something to the online World Language teaching community. Tonight's giveaway requires a little more time than previous nights'. In order to enter your name in the giveaway, you must first add a short film to the MovieTalk database. Not sure what MovieTalk is? Click here for an overview and a demo. As far as the database is concerned, all you need to do is find a short film, commercial, video clip/excerpt, music video...anything that is not already listed in the database. Watch it, and ask yourself, "Which structures (words/phrases) could I use many times while describing what is happening in this video?". Then, enter the link of the video in the database, list the structures that you think could be 'targeted' by using it, and add your name in one of the last columns on the right. If there are online resources available for the video (there may or may not be!), link them as well. If you have entered a video in the database in the past, that CAN count as your qualifying entry--or you could be SUPER generous and enter ANOTHER video today ;-)

Once you've entered the video in the database, CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR NAME IN THE GIVEAWAY!

Click on image to view book on Amazon

 ...and congratulations to ROBIN WIETEN, winner of the Night One giveaway! Her copy of Ben Slavic's Big CI Book is on its way!

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