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Class library suggestions

January 12, 2016

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So you want to build a class library, eh? Where to begin?? Beyond leveled readers and children's books, what are other teachers filling their class libraries with? This question keeps popping up in various online forums, and so I think it is high time that we put together a collaborative database that teachers can reference when writing out purchase requests for their administrators! I made this class library database this morning, and I added tabs for some of the most commonly taught languages at the bottom so that resources will be sorted by language (please add your language of instruction if it isn't already there!). You can add the link to ANYTHING that you put in your class library: books, magazines that you subscribe to, printable readings that you find online (you can laminate them or put them in plastic dividers or folders when you add them to your library)...anything! I started filling in some ideas in the "Spanish" tab, so you can look there for formatting suggestions. Please add personal reviews and tips in the 'description' column; anything that will help teachers find resources that will work well for their students! And finally...if you are the author of one of the novels that has been added, please make sure that the link provided is the 'best one' (your preferred link) to your product! If not, please change it!

There is also a tab for "how-to resources", on which you can list links to helpful resources that you have found. For example, I added the link to TPRS Publishing's Pinterest board for FVR/SSR/Free Reading program ideas, since it contains tons of links to different posts that have been written on the subject by all different bloggers!

Looking for more collaborative databases? Check out this page to see all of the ones that I am aware of that are relevant to CI teachers!

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