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Paloma blanca - free song activity in Spanish (and a chance to win!)

March 27, 2017

Last week, I happened to look up the music video for the song "Enamórate" by DVicio. I like the song okay, but the music video leaves much to be desired. I shared my thoughts about it on Facebook. The next day, Jody Noble seriously one-upped me. She shared this music video and tagged me in the comments, daring me or anyone else to risk their professional reputation by using the song and music video in class.

Challenge accepted, Jody--challenge accepted.

Not only did I just create a fantastical, FREE packet of activities that you can adapt and use in your classes, but I am also turning this into a competition. One of my favorite things when teaching was to find music videos with simple yet terrible dance moves and learn them with my students. Some of our best memories were made dancing together in tragic synchronicity with the music videos! I don't get to do that anymore, so I am seeking the same experience vicariously through you. I give you....THE PALOMA BLANCA CHALLENGE.


  • First prize: A class set of novels from and $100 toward a class party (to be paid via PayPal).
  • Second prize: A $25 TpT Gift Card and $50 toward a class party (to be paid via PayPal).
  • Third prize: A $25 TpT Gift Card and $25 toward a class party (to be paid via PayPal).


  1. Use the song Paloma blanca in class (use these activities or your own).
  2. Have an interested group of students (a small group, a whole class, many classes) create their own version of Georgie Dann's music video. It could be a replica or it could be original. It must incorporate some of the dance moves from the original music video. Your students can sing the song or they can lip-sync while the actual song plays in the background. Make sure that any students that appear in the music video give you permission to share it publicly! If you have several groups of interested students, each one can submit a video.
  3. Share the music video with me via email by midnight on MAY 1 (you have just over a month!).
  4. The videos will be shared with other Spanish teachers, and they will vote on a winner. The three videos that receive the most votes will receive prizes!

Click here to download the activity pack and get started!!

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