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RUN! a no-prep game for language classes

May 8, 2018

Don't you love discovering a new game!?

A few days ago, Jenny Robbins shared an AWESOME no-prep activity in the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching Facebook group. This game can be used in ANY class to provide students with an opportunity to get up and move, accompanied by repeated exposure to content or language.

RUN is a no-prep game that gets students up and moving--and it works in ANY content area!

How to play RUN!!

Jenny has her students line up in a hallway, all facing forward. On one side of the hall, all of the lockers are red. On the other side, all lockers are blue.

Students listen while Jenny makes a True or False statement, then RUN to the side that represents their answer: red for false and blue for true!

This activity is so easy and takes zero prep– all you need is a space with two areas that you can designate for true or false! You can think of the true/false statements on the fly.

What content does RUN work with?

RUN works with any content! Whether you have just finished asking a story, read and discussed a news article, finished the chapter of a book, given a lecture, or completed a lab– RUN allows you to review what you've been covering on the fly.

Don't think about RUN as an opportunity to quiz your students– think about it as an opportunity to provide them with repeated exposure to the content. As language teachers, we know that repeated exposure to language is what ultimately results in acquisition. Other subject area teachers would agree that repeated exposure to content locks it into students' long-term memory!

Make RUN a reading activity!

By projecting the statement in written form on your screen as you call it out, students have the opportunity to read and listen to the information. #winning!!

RUN is a no-prep game that gets students up and moving--and it works in ANY content area!

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