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Directed Drawing is one of my FAVORITE low-key activities. Imagine lights dimmed, you seated at a document camera, and students coloring. It's perfect for this time of year!

FREE Directed Drawing!

I've often thought about creating some Directed Drawing videos for teachers to use in class, but something that had always held me back was my Spanish language proficiency - I don't feel totally confident about my ability to give drawing instructions in Spanish. But thanks to my amazing partner-in-CI Nelly Hughes, a few years ago I created not only videos for you to show, but Spanish-language scripts to go along with them!

Directed Drawing #1: Una araña

First up, let's draw a spider! Just don't tell your students what you're drawing--let them figure it out as you draw!

Share the video directly with your students, or use it as a model for you to draw the same picture with your students! Notice how we can extend the activity by adding in predictive questions and personalized questions as a coloring guide (like glyphs!).

You can find the script in our Subscriber Library. Look in the Whole Class Activities folder, Dibuja conmigo subfolder. Once you've subscribed, look for the link to the Subscriber Library in your welcome email. Save the link for easy access to our 150+ free resources!

Directed Drawing #2: Un robot

Next, let's draw a robot! But sh.... don't tell your students!

The script for the robot is also in the Subscriber Library. Click here to subscribe!


No problem! Mute the volume, then do a voiceover using your favorite tech tool! It could be as simple as making a Loom recording with the video playing and your voice narrating it.


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