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20 Afrolatino Biographies | ENGLISH

20 biographies representing diverse career fields

English (ELL/ESL/ELD)
Multi level
30 Pages

Afro-Latino individuals are present in every country and every sector of society. This product features biographical summaries of 20 public figures who identify as Afro-Latino. They represent diverse career fields, such as entertainment, politics, journalism, and more.

Each public figure is featured on a slide with a picture and a brief biography in English. The biographies are written in ENGLISH.


  • 20 brief biography slides in English (Google Slides, Editable)
  • 2 Grudgeball games (each one with 20 questions that feature 10 of the figures) (Google Slides, Editable)
  • Suggested uses for the biographies
  • Reflection card that students can use to record information about each figure and connect him or her to their own lives.
  • Quiz Quiz Trade question cards in English


The intended purpose for the slides is to display and read together one biography during each class day of Black History Month, although there are endless possibilities for classroom use.

20 Afrolatino Biographies | ENGLISH


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