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Personajes de la Revolución Mexicana que debes conocer Cover 4802877 1

5 personajes de la Revolución Mexicana

Biographies of five key figures in the Mexican Revolution written in TWO complexities

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
13 Pages

November 20th is "El día de la Revolución Mexicana"! This product contains the biographies of five of the key figures of the Mexican Revolutionary War.

TWO versions of each biography are included: 1 for students with a Novice High level of proficiency and a second for students with an Intermediate Low+ level of proficiency. As biographies of historical figures, both versions are written primarily in the past tense. Each of the biographies discuss how these historical characters affected the history of the Mexican Revolution. Second year Spanish students will be able to understand these readings with ease by the spring semester, if not before. These biographies could also be a great warm up activity for third year students, a great addition to your Mexican History unit, or, if laminated, could be an addition to your FVR library.


  • Porfirio Díaz
  • Francisco I. Madero
  • Pancho Villa
  • Emiliano Zapata
  • Venustiano Carranza

Each short biography is written on a one-page worksheet with a very brief comprehension activity at the bottom. Answer keys are included.


This product is a collaboration between Nelly Hughes and The Comprehensible Classroom. Please do not purchase this product if you have previously purchased this resource from Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop.

  • Simple and effective, and a great way to discuss these men who were a part of Mexican history; most of my students are of Mexican descent. Thank you for the product!

    Miss Maestra
  • Students found this unit very engaging! I use it for my Mexico unit.

    Annette López
  • I was able to leave these as a supplemental resource on a day there was a substitute. I've also used these in my FVR library.

    Courtney W.
  • We used this to learn about the Mexican Revolution before and during reading Tumba. I didn't use all of the profiles then, so I added them to my substitute plans - it is always good to have some back-up work! High quality as always.

    Pamela L.
  • We did this as a jigsaw, so after reading each small group shared out with the class to help us 'meet' some important figures in this moment in history. Worked great!

    Gina G.

5 personajes de la Revolución Mexicana


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