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11 Biographies Afrolatinx Influencers Spanish 4345540 1

11 Afrolatino biographies | Spanish

Simple biographies for Afrolatinx influencers - print and paperless. 

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
34 Pages

Looking for simple texts for your Spanish learners to read?

This product features one-page, easy to understand, basic biographies of 11 influential Afrolatino individuals . The biographies are written in simple Spanish and are intended to be comprehensible to first year Spanish students and beyond. The kind of information shared about each figure is similar so that students benefit from the natural repetition of vocabulary across all biographies. Some words are footnoted to support comprehension.

Each biography is accompanied by a one-page worksheet with 10 True/False questions--in Spanish--about the reading. Answer keys are included.


  • Cardi B (USA, rapper)
  • Epsy Campbell (Costa Rica, politician)
  • Laz Alonso (USA, actor)
  • Concha Buika (Spain/Ecuatorial Guinea, singer)
  • John Carlos (USA, athlete)
  • Gwen Ifill (USA, TV journalist)
  • Prine Royce (USA, singer)
  • Idalys Ortiz (Cuba, athlete)
  • Taio Cruz (England, composer/producer)
  • Luis Guillermo Solís (Costa Rica, politician)
  • DJ Jigüe (Cuba, DJ)

The product download is a PDF that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder. The Drive folder contains a printable PDF of the texts and activities as well as a Slides file that can be used to assign paperless worksheets to students via a Learning Management System.

Looking for more biographies? Find 10 pop culture personality bios here.

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  • My students are very motivated to read these as they can understand the text and learn new facts about people they know, like Cardi B's real name. Thanks for a great product!

    Teresa P.
  • This was great. My students were able to read and answer the questions. what a great way to include Afro Latino for Black History Month.

    Liz W.
  • Used this product during Black History Month with my high schoolers. Students enjoyed learning about Afro-Latinos - many did never heard of before. Gracias!

    Keren C.
  • My students truly enjoyed working with this. It was a low prep activity on my end. It was perfect for African American month. 

    Laura G.
  • This was great for my Spanish 1 and the end of the year. While there were words and grammar tenses not usually used in Spanish 1, the T/F comprehension made it approachable for Spanish 1 to give it a try. I suggest posting these around the room and letting students walk around to answer the questions.

    Señora Sol

11 Afrolatino biographies | Spanish


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