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Elimination role playing game | More Scripts

15 more scripts to play a role play game in beginning Spanish classes

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
21 Pages

This product contains 15 scripts that can be used to play the Elimination role playing game (historically known as 'Mafia') in beginning Spanish classes. The first 5 scripts are available as a free sample here. Each script is written with a very limited vocabulary set, and the same limited number of structures are recycled throughout the 15 stories. The vocabulary for the stories comes from the first three units in the SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 1.

Click here to view the curriculum map for SOMOS Spanish 1.

Instructions for using the scripts for an adapted version of Elimination, developed by Ben Wang, are included.

PDF and Editable files are included.

  • Students love a good game, and teachers love rich input disguised as a game. It's a win-win situation for everyone. The scripts provide excellent support for the teacher. Many thanks!

    Kelly S.
  • My students love this game, and I rely on some good, comprehensible stories to make it engaging and to remain in Spanish!! Thanks.

    Victoria K.
  • This game is a class favorite! it is a good quick pick once they have done it a few times, and frequently requested. The output during the game is incredible. Anything that gets them talking is a great resource for me! 

  • We used this to fill time during testing season, when lots of students were missing class but we still needed things to do while they were gone. Worked well. Thank you!

    Megan Patrick
  • I used this on the first day of school as a way to provide input yet start the year off with something fun! Students loved it and the scripts made it low-prep for me, which was helpful with all the other beginning of the school-year tasks. I'll continue to use throughout the year!

    Lia R.

Elimination role playing game | More Scripts


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