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Élimine l'intrus | French Discussion Prompts

No-prep discussion prompts that is sure to engage students and build community. 

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One's gotta go or Eliminate the Intruder! This popular discussion prompt is perfect for communicative language classes, and this no-prep resource makes it easy to start these conversations with your classes!

On each slide, students will see three items that belong to a single category (three different fruits, three different colors, etc.). We've included 45 different prompts! Students need to ponder the question, "If one of these were to cease to exist, which one would I choose to eliminate?". Allow your class to vote, or ask them to volunteer their choice and defend it with reasons--based on their level of linguistic proficiency.

These slides can be used as a daily warmup for class (one per day) or on a regular basis (such as every Tuesday), or many you can discuss many of the slides in a single class period. Another option would be to use single slides as brain breaks, designating three areas in your room as the different options to give students a chance to get up and move!

To make this product even more fun and versatile, we have provided dozens of different background images for the slides, allowing you to change the appearance of the slides with just a few clicks!

  • This works for all levels of students. From an SEL viewpoint, students love to see who else voted like they did. Even the less motivated students are engaged in understanding the headings.

    Clare C.
  • This is so fun for our daily warm up. My students love it! Thank you so much!

    Mary Belz
  • Great bellringer, brain break, or end of lesson activity.

    Terri Kemp
  • Very cool and engaging resource. I particularly like the quality of the pictures. Definitely recommend!

    Lixiao W.
  • Great for calendar talk! I choose one and insert it into my slideshow for the week. It would also be a good activity for filling in time if a lesson goes faster than expected.

    Shanda H.

Élimine l'intrus | French Discussion Prompts


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