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Hat and Rat kindergarten storybook 3492061 1

Hat and Rat | Kindergarten sight word storybook

A storybook perfect for early readers

English (ELL/ESL/ELD)
10 Pages

"Hat and Rat" is an original, 11-page storybook perfect for early readers. It features the following sight words and short a vowel words:

  • a
  • bad
  • cat
  • go
  • I
  • look
  • no
  • rat
  • see
  • sees

The storybook is provided in three formats:

  1. full page layout, landscape view
  2. storybook with 1/2 page size pages
  3. storybook with alternating rotated sheets, ideal for printing 1-2 sided

This storybook is perfect to read after A Bad Cat and A Fat Rat

Hat and Rat | Kindergarten sight word storybook


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