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Introductions Reading Worksheets for Spanish 1 or 2

Te presento a... reading worksheet for practicing introductions in Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
8 Pages

This reading is the perfect worksheet to use in class or for homework during the first week of school for Spanish 1 or 2 (there are two versions).

On the first page, students read three biographies and sketch the characters. Then, they answer questions about them. On the second page, kids read CLOZE style biographies of three famous people and fill in the blanks. Then, they choose one to translate. Finally, they draw a picture of a friend and write his or her biography, modeled after the ones on these two pages.

Spanish I version

  • este/esta es
  • un muchacho/una muchacha/una persona
  • se llama
  • le gusta

Spanish 2 version

  • era
  • se llamaba
  • le gustaba
  • I used this to differentiate for an advanced student in a FLES program, but I liked it so much that I am planning to work it into my regular middle school curriculum.

    Elizabeth G.
  • Excellent resource to use during the first week or two of Spanish classes when staying in the target language can be tricky. Great practice with common language forms for introducing yourself and others.

    Deanna M.
  • This was engaging and a perfect level of difficulty for all of my 6th-8th grade students. It was a good review of adjectives, introductions and subject-adjective agreement.

    Tapanga B.
  • Great practice for my students. I also enjoy using this during the "Estrella Del Dia" segment of my class.

    Stephanie M.
  • The students really enjoyed this activity. It combines, reading, writing and drawing which they always love. The activity was a good way to introduce or practice greetings and introductions.

    Matthew V.
  • I like the way this was set up. It gave students reading comprehension practice on one side and writing practice on the other. I especially liked how it had students use one of the writings as an example to re-write one about a friend.

    Crystal V.

Introductions Reading Worksheets for Spanish 1 or 2


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