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KNOCK KNOCK MovieTalk resources in Spanish

Resources to support a ClipChat lesson on "Knock Knock" in Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
40 Pages
2 days

This short film by Daniel Aragón is a perfect MovieTalk for early language students and/or teachers that are new to MovieTalk. Simple, repetitive, and with a great twist at the end--it is easy for the teacher and interesting to students.

This product contains the following resources to support a MovieTalk lesson:

  • a MovieTalk script for the teacher
  • a captioned slideshow with screenshots from the film: present tense and past tense versions provided; included in PDF, PPT, and Google Slides formats
  • a pictochart for students to use as a retell support
  • a printable booklet for students to use and read
  • a writing extension or assessment
  • detailed lesson plans

Preview the short film here

NOTE: THIS CLIPCHAT IS INCLUDED IN SOMOS 1 UNIT 3: CIERRA LA PUERTA - Do not purchase this product if you own the Cierra la puerta resources (individual unit or bundled).

  • One of my favorite movie talk resources. We didn't spend a whole lot of time this school year with the structures in the movie talk, but students still are remembering and even able to reproduce the structures in the movietalk (abre/cierra and several others) several months later. This definitely caught their attention and I'm so glad I got it. Can't go wrong with a Martina Bex resource :)

    Shelby M.
  • Even this was a bit more challenging to my students, they still had a wonderful time.

    Amy Nikolaou
  • This is a great movie talk. My students were engaged and I received a lot of participation.

    Esmeralda S.
  • My students really enjoyed this along with the short clip.

    Michael E.
  • Used with my level 2s to review SOMOS 1 unit 3 at the start of this crazy year. Some kids had seen it last year and some hadn't, but they all loved it! (or hated it...but were fascinated and talking!)

    Kristin K.

KNOCK KNOCK MovieTalk resources in Spanish


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