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La maison bleue | A printable storybook in simple French

A printable storybook in simple French

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
10 Pages

"La maison bleue" is an 18-page storybook in simple French, perfect for novice French learners. It is based on a folk tale about a house in the woods that all the forest animals want to live in! It features 71 unique words and 540 words total.

The storybook is provided in printable form with alternating rotated sheets, ideal for printing 1-2 sided.

This story was originally written in English, then Spanish, and was translated to French by Blair Richards.

  • super cute! students enjoy and acquire language through repetition

    Nikki M.
  • A comprehensible story for French students, and they can feel accomplished for reading a whole book!

    Amy P.
  • This was such a fun way to start my house and home unit!

    Shannon H.
  • The repetition of vocabulary and illustrations make comprehension easier for beginners 

    Cheryl S.
  • Such a cute stories which exposes students of a different category of vocabulary. I printed several copies and added them to my classroom library. 


La maison bleue | A printable storybook in simple French


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