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Sumus 1.1 Big Bundle

Teach Latin for Proficiency with this bundle featuring all units and supplements related to Sumus Unit 1

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Bundle of 6 products
Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)

This bundle includes all resources that connect with Sumus Level 1, Unit 1, including the Core Unit, supplemental lessons and resources, and digital lessons. We will continue to add more resources to this bundle as we create them. Once you own the bundle, you will receive access to all new resources that are added to the bundle at no additional cost.

All resources were developed by John Bracey and Martina Bex.

  • Currently loving this resource! It has taken away a good portion of my stress for in-person and virtual lesson planning. My students are currently hybrid, so the flex plan is perfect for planning! The other resources have helped me grasp the concepts of CI. So thankful for this resource!

    Meghan B.
  • At long last! I'm so happy with these Latin resources from Martina Bex and her Latin team! The activities are easy and effective to use online with distance learning; some of the 'traditional' resources work well with synchronous sessions. Gratias!

    Stacey K.
  • I am so beyond excited to have this amazing curriculum for my Latin classes! I have always been envious of these wonderful curricula for modern language classes that I always see, and now Latin has one as well. Thank you so so much! This has been a lifesaver, especially for hybrid learning! I have students in-person and virtually. This is also amazing when needing sub plans because there is a print packet included! Truly fantastic resource. Eagerly awaiting more units!

    Bethanie K.
  • My students loved these activities. I was having trouble finding a way to do movie talks, but with the Wildebeast activity, that is no longer an issue.

    Cynthia S.
  • I am their Spanish Teacher and this year I became their Latin one also, I am in love with languages and I cannot stress how much being able to "comprehend" the class and being able to answer related question empowers the kids so I am all about raising the students to their maximum potential, I only have a day a week to introduce this but because they have been with me in Spanish they ran with it and you have no idea how much fun they had screaming "non est truncus...est crocodilus!!!" hahaha thank you so much for this and I am in dire need of more of this material. Keep us loving this route please!!!

    Emma C Rosas

Sumus 1.1 Big Bundle

$25.00 $26.00
$25.00 $26.00

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