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Les Mots Transparents Animal Task Cards Cover 7780959 1 French cognates 2 French cognates 3 French cognates 4

Les mots transparents French Cognates 32 reading task cards about animals

32 cognate-heavy short reading task cards in French

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
32 Pages

This product features a set of 32 task cards. Each task card in this set features a cognate-heavy, short reading in French about an animal. These readings are simple, and they are perfect for the first weeks of French 1 or for an exploratory French class!

Each reading is about a different animal. Readings are 3-4 sentences long and reasonably comprehensible for students in the first weeks of French class.

This set of task cards was created specifically to allow students an opportunity to practice the skill of looking for and recognizing cognates in readings. In addition to cognates, a very small set of vocabulary words is repeated across the 32 cards:

  • il y a
  • s'appelle
  • mange

This product also includes a one-page note-taking sheet that students can use to record the French word for each animal (plus the English meaning), to note any cognates that they recognized, any words that they could not understand, and if desired a complete translation of the reading.

A brief intro to cognates notes sheet is also included in this product. The intro sheet describes what a cognate is in English, explains what a false cognate is, and gives students a list of French words that are English cognates with the prompt to guess the meaning in English.

PAPERLESS TOO! Each reading is provided on a Google Slide with a space for students to fill in the cognates that they recognize, as well as the words that they do and don't understand in the reading. A digital version of the notes pages are also included!

The product is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder that contains all resources.


There are many different ways to use task cards like these! Here are some ideas to get you started:

» Quiz Quiz Trade

» Hide and Speak

» Simultaneous Presentations

  • LOVE this - had used it in Spanish but most of my teaching is in French and am SO excited to have it for what I teach most b/c it is SO helpful. It really encourages kids to read for understanding and builds confidence.

    Melanie Tupaj
  • This is such an engaging activity. It worked well to get students up and moving around room. The descriptions are simple enough for students to understand that it helped build their confidence with the language!

  • I love using this NO PREP activity at the beginning of my level 1 classes. The students feel so confident after reading these because they can understand so much and it is a great way for them to learn to recognize cognates.

    Ashley Chrisman
  • Such a fun resource for beginner students. They know more French than they think and they could all read the text and understand it.

    Karin H.
  • I used these in the first month with novice learners. They were so impressed that they could read right off the bat by looking at cognates and context. Great confidence booster.

    Terri Kemp

Les mots transparents French Cognates 32 reading task cards about animals


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