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Nous sommes 1 Unit 1

This unit of the Nous sommes curriculum for Novice French is intended to be used in the first week of French 1.

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Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
24 Pages
4 days

Start off the school year right! These four-day lesson plans contain everything you need to start the year in French 1.


  • c'est
  • un garçon
  • une fille
  • il/elle s'appelle
  • il/elle dit
  • je m'appelle
  • comment t'appelles-tu ?

This unit is an adaption of The Comprehensible Classroom's Spanish unit, "Dice", and it was translated into French by Julia Ullman and proofed by Karima Mann.

All slideshow presentations are editable and compatible with Google Slides.

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This is Unit 1 of The Comprehensible Classroom's French I curriculum. Click here to view a resource map listing the most popular French resources from The Comprehensible Classroom.

  • This unit is such a great introduction to French. Students always feel accomplished when they are able to speak so early in the year. 

    Lesley Y.
  • If you are on the fence about CI, download this and use it, then decide you want to purchase EVERYTHING she sells. The kids love it, it's easy to follow, and no real prep work.

    Terri Kemp
  • My students were really engaged with the lessons laid out in Unit 1. It was a nice introduction to the French language and culture. I really like how all of the resources tie in with the theme of the unit, and that there is enough space for creativity. I appreciate that the teaching materials are editable, so that I could add or modify content. 

  • This is such a great introductory unit! Very easy to understand and lots of repetition to help the students get comfortable with French pronunciation. Excellent!

    Sherri Higgins
  • Merci!! Martina. I love the name cards, and created some along that same idea that highlight some fruits, colors, animals and cities in France. I use them for random groupings, as well as seating charts.

    Cheryl S.

Nous sommes 1 Unit 1

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