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Nous Sommes 1 Unit 3 Ferme la Porte cover 2122580 1

Nous sommes 1 Unit 3

This unit of the Nous sommes curriculum for Novice French is intended for learners in their first semester of French.

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
46 Pages
1 week

This unit is designed to facilitate language acquisition for beginning French students through reading and storytelling.


  • il/elle ne ferme jamais
  • il/elle ouvre la porte
  • "il est (huit) heures


  • instructions for introducing vocabulary
  • a story script
  • story activities
  • a song with two lyrics activities
  • a reading in French about the artist
  • a story-based reading
  • a reading assessment
  • a listening assessment
  • a writing or speaking assessment
  • an authentic reading activity
  • answer keys for everything
  • detailed instructions for teaching the unit
  • a slideshow with projectable warm-ups, readings, and other materials
  • a MovieTalk sequence for "Knock Knock", which can be purchased separately here
  • a complete unit overview with abbreviated daily plans, can-do statements, World Readiness standards, Common Core alignment, AP themes, Essential questions, and Proficiency Orientation

All slideshow presentations are editable and compatible with Google Slides.

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This is Unit 3 of The Comprehensible Classroom's French I curriculum. Click here to view a resource map listing the most popular French resources from The Comprehensible Classroom.

  • One of the best resources I've ever used in any subject. Martina Bex is my new hero.

    Helen H.
  • Another winner! The students clearly understand and enjoy this unit.

    Mme Lemoine
  • my students enjoyed this unit. the repetitive nature of the words aided in the students creating their own stories about 'ouvre/ferme'.

    Cheryl S.
  • This was a fun unit and my students really learned it test scores showed. I like that there are several writing activities....used some as practice and one for assessment. Good work. 

    Deb Blaz
  • This resource kept the students quite engaged with lots of learning activities ranging from reading, listening, Movie talks, writing, and speaking.

    Ngozi O.

Nous sommes 1 Unit 3


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