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Nous Sommes 1 Unit 15 Le Tour de France Cover 3046060 1

Nous sommes 1 Unit 5

This unit of the Nous sommes curriculum for Novice French highlights Le Tour de France.

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
55 Pages
1 week

This 8+ day unit will introduce your early French 1 students to the Tour de France.


  • il/elle va à
  • il/elle est fâché
  • 'il/elle a un frère


  • daily warm-ups
  • instructions for introducing the vocabulary
  • a story script
  • a song with two lyrics activities and singer biography
  • story activities
  • an illustrated story in French
  • a reading assessment in French about le Tour de France
  • an extended reading in French about le Tour de France
  • two #authres video activities
  • an #authres Tweet-interpretation activity
  • comprehension questions-
  • discussion questions
  • a cooperative learning activity
  • an Infograph activity
  • an optional writing assessment
  • a slideshow in PDF and PPT
  • answer keys for everything
  • detailed lesson plans
  • a complete unit overview with abbreviated daily plans, can-do statements, World Readiness standards, Common Core alignment, AP themes, Essential questions, and Proficiency Orientation

The product download is a PDF that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder. All unit materials are located in the Drive folder. The Slideshow is a Slides file that is compatible with Powerpoint, and the Lesson Plans and Student Printables are PDFs.

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This is Unit 5 of The Comprehensible Classroom's French I curriculum. Click here to view a resource map listing the most popular French resources from The Comprehensible Classroom.

  • Like always, this is above and beyond what I expect. Always pleased with what I purchase.

    Rebecca E.
  • Love how all the activities seamlessly flow, are interesting, and require no prep for me! Students love them.

    Helen H.
  • This was great for addressing the cultural component of the curriculum. And so many activities!

    Tanya V.
  • These units are always well done. The story builder is engaging and such a great addition.

    Nikki M.
  • Highly recommended! The story builder is amazing. I used it as a read-aloud with my students, we voted on where we wanted the story to go.

    ioana leahu

Nous sommes 1 Unit 5


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