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Muévete si Game 1 ¿Qué hay en tu casa? Cover 4742767 1

¿Qué hay en tu casa? | "Muévete Si" Interactive Game

Get students up and moving with this popular interactive game.

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
108 Pages

“Muévete si…” is a popular icebreaker game that is often used in language classes as a way to get students up, moving, and using the language! One student stands in the center of a circle, and all other students are seated in chairs around the perimeter. The student in the center makes a statement that describes him/herself, and anyone that is also described by that statement stands up and finds a new seat. One student is leftover and is the new "It".

This product takes the traditional game and makes it a Comprehension Based™ game through an interactive PDF. Instead of coming up with descriptive statements on their own, students choose from statements on an interactive gameboard. The teacher clicks through the prompts for each image, and all students hear and read accurate, contextualized language that they can understand with the support of images and translations.


  • hay
  • casa
  • muévete
  • [dos, tres] o más

This particular Muévete si... gameboard is perfect for repeated exposure to the Core Vocabulary listed above or to a traditional unit that works with house and home vocabulary (what is there in a house?).

Please note: a projector that is connected to a computer controlled by a mouse/keypad or touch screen is required to be able to use this interactive PDF. The PDF does NOT open with PowerPoint or Slides; it must be opened in PDF viewing software (like Preview or Adobe Reader).

  • What an awesome resource! I use this with 8th graders and they are so engaged. They could play all hour if I let them. I play for at least 20 minutes and they get so into it. It definitely is an activity they will remember, and will make them think Spanish is so fun, they should take it in high school! 

    Espanol con Emily
  • This was an instant hit in my class! I am alwayslooking for out-of-the box ways to engage my students. Especially the ones who sp have had Amish since pre-k, it's like they are immune to all my usual tricks for engagement. This was awesome. Thanks! 

    Messy Maestra
  • This activity is a fun way to get more repititions of the word "hay" which often seems one of the more difficult words to retain. 

    Barbara Y.
  • I loved the idea of this activity and wanted to use it during my observation. I thought this was a move to one side or the other type of activity, but it's more like musical chairs. If I get a better space/desks with detachable chairs, then I can't wait to use it!

    Siempre Senorita
  • My students enjoyed this activity! I always like an activity where students can move around and be engaged with one another.

    Gabrielle C.

¿Qué hay en tu casa? | "Muévete Si" Interactive Game


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