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Somos 1 Unit 13

The Somos Curriculum for Novice learners

Novice (Levels 1-2), Beginner (Level 1)

Do you see yourself the same way that the world sees you?

In this proficiency-oriented unit for Spanish students, students explore this question through a variety of content, including a short film, Selena's hit song El chico del apartamento 512, a story, authentic resources, and more. Students will engage in communication about their thoughts and perspectives on their own identity and their perceptions of others and how the cultural practice of piropos is connected to this topic. Throughout the course of the unit, students will become familiar with character traits vocabulary through communicative activities, and they will write compliments through a scaffolded writing activity at the end of the unit.


  • piensa que
  • el hombre
  • la mujer
  • comienza a
  • su pasión verdadera


  • activities for introducing vocabulary
  • a ClipChat script
  • activities based on the short film
  • a TPRS® story script
  • story-based activities
  • an optional homework
  • a song lyrics sheet
  • song lyrics activity worksheets
  • an informational text
  • a writing assessment or creative writing activity
  • a listening assessment
  • two authentic video-based activities
  • a sentence bingo game (featuring character traits vocabulary) - Print and Paperless versions provided
  • discussion activities based on character traits
  • an interpretive compliment activity
  • a compliment writing activity
  • additional activities that include authentic resources
  • a slideshow including daily warm-ups
  • complete lesson plans
  • answer keys
  • a complete unit overview with abbreviated daily plans, can-do statements, World Readiness standards, Common Core alignment, AP themes, Essential questions, and Proficiency Orientation

All slideshow presentations are editable and compatible with Google Slides.

Please note: Somos 1 Unit 13 does not address the topic of gender identity or sexuality.

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The Somos Curriculum® is a Proficiency-oriented curriculum for Novice and Intermediate Spanish learners that is designed for middle and high school courses. Instruction in The Somos Curriculum® focuses on language acquisition or implicit language development rather than explicit teaching and practice of grammar and vocabulary. Lessons are highly communicative and conducted primarily in the target language. 

With detailed daily lesson plans, target-language scripts, tutorials for making input comprehensible, student activities, assessments, and suggestions for differentiation, The Somos Curriculum® is the most complete Spanish curriculum on the market, and it is no surprise that it is used in more than 100,000 language classrooms worldwide.

  • Learn more about the Somos Curriculum here
  • Click here to view the Somos 1 Curriculum Map. 
  • The Somos Curriculum can be purchased individually, in bundles, or as a complete set. To view all the options click here.
  • Fun unit! Students enjoyed creating the class story and learning about Selena.

    Linda K.
  • This unit has my students asking to listen to Selena for weeks! I love that it is grounded in an authentic resource that is relevant and relatable for students, but seamlessly opens the door to serious conversation. 

    Profe Kellerman
  • My high schoolers were very excited to talk about pick-up lines and found this unit very interesting. I'll be using it again!

    Carrie L.
  • Students enjoyed learning about piropos! They got a kick out of figuring out the cheesy piropos and liked the song featured in this unit (Chico del apartamento 512).

    Corrine H.
  • Students liked this unit and LOVED the Selena song. Many were singing along. Last week, a few were excited to tell me that there is a Selena program on Netfix

    Bethany Pflug

Somos 1 Unit 13


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