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The Somos Curriculum | INTERMEDIATE

Somos 2 is a Proficiency-oriented, Comprehension-based curriculum for emerging Intermediate learners of Spanish

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Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
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The Somos Curriculum® is a Proficiency-oriented, Comprehension-based curriculum. Somos 2 is the second level of the curriculum, and it is designed for emerging Intermediate learners of Spanish. Somos 2 is designed to support teachers in the transition away from a traditional grammar-based syllabus to a more communicative approach to language teaching.

Each lesson in The Somos Curriculum® is designed to create opportunities for communication, largely in the form of exposure to communicatively-embedded input that is comprehensible, through reading (whole-class and individual), storytelling, film, discussion, and music.


  • Aligned to national standards 
  • Communicative focus
  • Authentic resources
  • Grammar in Context
  • Step-by-step, flexible lesson plans
  • Performance assessments


Each unit in the curriculum works with a specific set of Core Vocabulary words. In the Somos 2 Curriculum, the Core Vocabulary words are typically centered on a specific grammar construction (ex: preterite tense -AR regular verbs) to facilitate alignment with other courses being taught in a school.


This curriculum will fill one year of daily classroom instruction (45-60 minutes per day or 90 minute blocks 2-3 times per week) when combined with the class reading of a novel. Novels and Teacher Guides are not included in this purchase and should be purchased directly from publisher. For recommendations on which novel to purchase, please visit the Somos Curriculum Collaboration group on Facebook.


If you are wondering which of your classes is best suited for Somos 2, please read this article for advice!


The Somos 2 Curriculum package includes all units from The Somos Curriculum for Intermediate learners and the following supplemental resources:

  • Editable Syllabus (Please note: It is an editable syllabus! It is intended for you to edit the details to fit the needs of whatever class you are teaching. The sample details in the syllabus are for a Level 1 Spanish course, but even a level 1 teacher would likely make many changes.)
  • Unit 1: Foundations (Caesar Sentences)
  • Unit 2: La muchacha y la ardilla (-AR verbs, preterite)
  • Unit 2 Extension: Ricitos de Oro
  • Unit 3: La madre de Jasón (-ER/IR verbs, preterite)
  • Song: Todo cambió by Nota
  • Unit 4: ¿Soy gringo? (stem change verbs, preterite)
  • Unit 5: Ruidos en la noche (I-Y verbs, preterite)
  • Unit 6: El secreto (irregular preterite)
  • Unit 7: El acosador
  • Cultural Connection: José Mujica
  • Unit 8: El hombre feliz
  • Unit 9: La chancla
  • Unit 10: El chico ideal
  • Creative writing activity: El zoológico loco
  • Reading activities: Criaturas locas
  • Unit 11: El que se enoja, pierde
  • Unit 12: El lago encantado
  • Unit 13: CSI: Estar + Participle
  • Unit 14: El pretérito perfecto
  • Midterm: Alma
  • Final: El espantapájaros

Click here to view a complete resource map for The Somos Curriculum | INTERMEDIATE.

The Somos Curriculum® is a registered trademark of The Comprehensible Classroom, founded by Martina Bex.

  • I wanted to dive into CI so badly that I bought this with my own money. I have not used many stories since my school is still using a traditional curriculum but I have found this to be a great supplement and reinforcement for the traditional lessons. This has been a game-changer and I look forward to using this more. My students have learned from the lessons that I have used. Thank you.

    Lena M.
  • The curriculum is second-to-none and worth way more than they charge. Everything you need is here with step-by-step instructions - It's such a time saver and I've learned so much myself. The Comprehensible Classroom is first rate!

    Elizabeth M.
  • We began using this with Spanish III this year. So far, they are enjoying the activities. This is a change from the more traditional way they have been taught. Students are providing overwhelmingly positive feedback.

    Mary T.
  • I can't tell you how much I love the SOMOS resources. I use this curriculum with levels 2 and 3 as it is primarily intended for intermediate level speakers. The lessons are engaging, comprehensible, varied and thorough.

    Anna R.
  • I have been teaching with SOMOS for two years, and this is my first year teaching Spanish 3. This level 2 of the SOMOS curriculum does not disappoint! Students are engaged. Tons of culture is built into each one of the units. I am learning culture right along with my students (well, maybe a little bit before they learn it)! Anytime learning can be turned into a game, they're happy. There are so many options to get kids up and moving (and speaking in Spanish)!

    Jennifer K.
  • I bought this to use with my Spanish 3 class this year. It saves me so much time planning and the lessons are top notch quality. Every unit is fresh and different, and my students love the stories!

    The Spanish Saylor
  • The Somos curriculum uses Comprehensible Input to teach Spanish. The main result of using this curriculum is that your students will quickly comprehend Spanish far more quickly than when taught with only a textbook. It takes me almost three years to get through the entire Somos 1 curriculum, so I am narrowing it down, more and more each year, so that I can get into the Somos 2 curriculum more quickly, including the preterite and imperfect tenses. My students are doing amazing things using Somos, so I highly recommend it.

    Christy P.
  • My students are always engaged with this curriculum. I love that it scaffolds which makes it easier on me as well to use it for a week or two for each unit. The students know what to expect and that it will be engaging as well.

    Shelley O.
  • After using SOMOS 2 FLEX during Hybrid and virtual learning, I HAD to get the traditional SOMOS 2 bundle to expand the topics. And I'm so glad I did. Makes transitioning to CI so easy - especially with the links in the plans to explanatory blogs and training videos!

    Lynn W.
  • The best curriculum for Comprehensible Input! So well-thought out and organized! The activities are engaging and the lesson plans are amazing!

    Marcia V.
  • The SOMOS curriculum is a great foundational piece for any CI classroom. This SOMOS 2 continues building on the SOMOS 1 and includes very engaging units. An absolute recommendation from this teacher!

    Justin R.
  • This program is great! I love that everything is included: lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and instructions on how to use them. This program is great!

    Cristina C.
  • Somos has made my teaching life so much happier! At my current school, I was not given any curriculum materials, not even a textbook, so I was overwhelmed with trying to plan for Spanish 1-3 on my own. This curriculum package makes everything so simple, definitely worth the price.

    Emily T.
  • I used this when I was teaching Spanish 2 and was having trouble getting into a groove with the department curriculum. I loved how much culture was built in and the cohesiveness of it all. :)

    Katherine K A
  • My students are becoming progressively stronger with their comprehension and communication skills in Spanish. With the help of the amazing Somos materials, they are acquiring the Spanish language and having fun at the same time!

    Tara F.
  • This curriculum has made teaching SO fun for me! It feels like we are playing in the language, and I can't believe I'm getting paid for this! SO valuable and SO energizing! The kids are learning so much while having fun! LOVE it!

    Kim D.

The Somos Curriculum | INTERMEDIATE

$200.00 $212.00
$200.00 $212.00

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