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Somos 2 Unit 10

The Somos Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
90 Pages

In Unit 10 of the SOMOS 2 curriculum, students will have repeated exposure to -ER/-IR verbs in the imperfect tense through a variety of content. The materials are more than enough for 6 full class days of instruction and include:

  • song resources for "Mi chica ideal" by Chino y Nacho
  • a scent identification activity (fun!)
  • a TPRS story script
  • a one page fictitious reading about Spiderman
  • a MovieTalk script for 'Mouse for Sale'
  • follow up activities (discussion, comprehension, etc.) for all content
  • daily warm-ups
  • optional reading and writing assessments
  • detailed instructions for everything
  • a slideshow in PDF and editable PPT format


View the complete SOMOS Level 2 Spanish curriculum and see purchasing options by clicking here.

  • Always engaging and comprehensible for my students! Gracias.

    Jill Anderson
  • Very impressed with overall quality of this resource. Very engaging for my students. 

    Katelyn C.
  • I love Martina's units and this is one of my students' beloved story asks! It's a great way to target imperfect tense ER/IR verbs, and the story always turns out to be hilarious. All the additional material to accompany the story ask is great as well!

    Kate K.
  • Great lesson, well organized and full of useful activities.

    Profe Gillis
  • Another hit! My students did a great job with this story & the activities. 

    Spanish with Sra Clark

Somos 2 Unit 10


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