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Somos 2 Unit 11

The Somos Curriculum for intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
75 Pages

This bundle includes lesson plans and materials to teach the Mayan fable, "El que se enoja, pierde" to your students in six to ten days (45 minute lessons). I have used it to introduce my Level II students to the past tenses (preterite and imperfect), and it is now Unit 11 of my Spanish II curriculum (see links below).

This product includes plans to teach each lesson with communicative activities or reading-based, individual activities so that you can select the kind of activity that will work best for your purposes and your particular group of students. It includes the story (divided into three parts), all worksheets and supplemental materials, descriptions of all activities used, discussion questions, slideshow in PDF, PPT, and Google Slides format, answer keys for everything, and a four-part assessment (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).

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View the complete SOMOS Level 2 Spanish curriculum and see purchasing options by clicking here.

  • Love the content, students are engaged. Students will be able to transfer their skills to their new target language

    Mis Amores
  • This was a great way to end the year comparing preterite and imperfect. Thank you so much!

    Leopard's labor
  • This is a GREAT story, and I love to use it with my Spanish 3 & Spanish 4 students! It is broken into parts, which makes it manageable, and the story is exciting!

    Abra K.
  • Everything from Martina is great and this is no exception! I was looking to get my level 3 kids reading at the very start of the year and these "level 2" units are perfect!

    Sarah R.
  • My students found this story pretty interesting, and they really liked the activities that accompanied it. Overall a great resource!

    Carrie L.

Somos 2 Unit 11


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