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Somos 2 Unit 6

The Somos Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
50 Pages

Expose your students to irregular preterite verbs in context with seven days' worth of comprehension-based lessons!

In particular, these materials work with the phrases no pudo, trajo, and supo la verdad.

These plans feature:

  • instructions for introducing vocabulary
  • a discussion-based game
  • a song activity with readings ("No creo en el jamás"/Juanes)
  • a TPRS® story script
  • story activities
  • a story-based reading
  • an interactive "choose your ending" story slideshow
  • a writing assessment

This is Unit 6 of the SOMOS Level 2 Spanish curriculum.

View the complete curriculum map for SOMOS Level 2 with purchasing options here.

  • very thorough very creative. Can't wait to use this with my Spanish 4's who are learning the preterite tense verbs. Last year in Spanish 3 they had a very thorough teaching of all of the present tense verbs, with their other Spanish teacher, so I'm building on that knowledge with this AWESOME SOMOS curriculum!

    Linda S.
  • This resource provided some great practice for irregular preterite verbs in context. My students liked the quick bios of famous people.

    Olivia W.
  • This is one of my favorite units in the SOMOS 2 lineup! The story script is great for getting in lots of repetitions of those difficult irregular preterite verbs in a way that students find engaging.

    Shanna C.
  • I love Somos! I'll never go back to Textbook teaching - thank you for these thoughtful and creative activities and ways for students to learn previously difficult concepts.

    Lydia P.
  • This gem includes my favorite CI game, I am going on a trip. We LOVE the game and they ask for the "Yo fui" game all the time! It's so great for so many levels. 

    Tia B.

Somos 2 Unit 6


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