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H1 11 Haz que dure1 H1 11 Haz que dure 21

Huellas 1.11 Compra menos y haz que dure

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF
77 Pages

In this 11 day unit, students will explore the fashion industry and will learn how Fast Fashion companies create more than just low cost clothing. From a fashion map unit hook to a full IPA style assessment, this unit will take your intermediate level clothing unit to a new, more culturally relevant level.

Compra menos y haz que dure is a perfect stand-alone unit but it is also unit 11 of the Huellas 1 curriculum from Somewhere to Share. The Huellas curriculum is ideal for students in level 3 Spanish or above.

This product contains:

  • Centers
  • Unit Hook
  • Infographics and other readings
  • Grammar Bubble: Suggestions for Grammar targets
  • IPA style assessment
  • Vocabulary List
  • Full 11 day lesson plan (in person and remote)
  • Essential Questions
  • Blooket and Pear Deck activities
  • and more...
  • This was a great unit and experience for my students. They found it super interesting!!

    Michael E.
  • I really like that these Huellas units make students think about the way they live. It doesn't even feel like they are learning Spanish sometimes - and I mean that in the best way! They are exploring topics in Spanish, but we aren't focused on grammar.

    Strides in Spanish
  • Another great Huellas unit that gets students thinking, comparing/contrasting, and learning more than what's a couple of pages of vocabulary in a textbook. Thank you so much!

    Sarah W.
  • This is a well-written unit with high quality, ready-made activities and materials. I am learning a lot right alongside my students. I really enjoyed the day that we did the centers. Students were engaged in each of the activities, and I got to have great conversations with each small group of students (one of the centers is to have a conversation with the teacher, questions included). It was a nice opportunity to connect with my students more and to get a quick glimpse of where they all are in their speaking proficiency (I did not grade them...just made some mental notes). Thank you for another fabulous unit!!

    Jill Anderson
  • Excellent unit! My students had never heard of fast fashion and this got us all engaged and learning! Thank you! Perfect level for my students to extend their learning.

    Beth L.

Huellas 1.11 Compra menos y haz que dure


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