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Huellas 1.4 The Switch

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF
35 Pages

The Switch is the perfect unit to immerse your upper level (level 3, level 4, AP) students in the future tense. It guides them into natural use of the future tense via a predictive movie talk (clip chat) experience. The predictive activities get students anxious to know what is in the box and if the man really does push the button.

This unit contains both the movie talk of the clip The Switch and a song of the week unit for the song A partir de hoy by David Bisbal and Sebastián Yatra. ¡Ojo! If you MUST be able to show the music video along with songs you teach, this one is not school appropriate. We have recommended a lyric video instead. The Switch is unit 1.4 of the Huellas 1 curriculum, but can be used as a stand-alone unit.

This product contains:

  • Face to Face and Remote Plans
  • Song lyrics in Spanish
  • Song lyrics in Spanish with English translation
  • Cloze activity with word bank
  • Cloze activity without word bank
  • Ordering activity with the chorus
  • Matching activity with the song vocabulary
  • Mini lesson in TL of future tense with "A partir de hoy pledge" follow up activity.
  • Predictive activities related to the video "The Switch".
  • What Comes Next- Students will follow up the video by making a predictive epilogue.
  • Great practice with the future tense!
  • I loveeeeee everything from Somewhere to Share. This was my first movie talk and students loved it. I used it to target the future tense.

    Sarah L
  • I am loving everything about the new Huellas curriculum! Perfect for my upper level students!

    Srta Connors
  • This was such a fun resource! My students loved the video and really enjoyed creating their own story based off of the screen shots. They were so surprised when we finally watched the whole thing! Thanks so much for sharing, Carrie!

    Shanna C
  • So glad it is in both simple future and future tense

    Bethany P
  • Fun way to introduce/review future

    Jennifer H

Huellas 1.4 The Switch


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