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Huellas 1.5 Sirena

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF
40 Pages

What better way to share music in the level 3, level 4, or AP classroom than via a song of the week unit? In addition to being a catchy song, Sirena lets you explore the meaning of "Language" with your students. Must a language be spoken? Is computer coding a language? With so much to discuss, students will get to flex their Spanish skills as they give and defend their opinion on the topic.

The song of the week is Sirena by Cali y el Dandee. I would encourage you to watch the video before you purchase because it has a beautiful message but has about 8 seconds that might not be appropriate in your school context. In this packet, I have offered options for getting around those 8 seconds, but be sure you know what the video is like!

Sirena is unit 5 of the Huellas 1 curriculum. It is also a perfect stand-alone unit.

This product contains:

  • A detailed week long lesson plan
  • Song lyrics both in Spanish only and with the English translation
  • Cloze activities with Spanish or Spanish plus translation, with or without wordbank
  • Three follow up activities
  • A movie talk of the video
  • A class story called Ataque de la sirena
  • A follow up reading about sirens
  • A follow up reading about sign language
  • A follow up reading and activity about coding as a world language
  • So far my students are really loving this! We are working on the future tense structures in context, so this unit is really helping us to acquire it!

    Beth L
  • MovieTalk is an excellent way to learn!

    Katherine V
  • My students absolutely LOVED this! Thank you so much!

    Srta Connors
  • This is such a great song! I have recently really fallen in love with Sign Language, and this resource is a great way for me to incorporate some of that passion into Spanish class! Thanks for sharing!

    Shanna C
  • This was a fantastic unit that I used with my 9th graders. The song and resources generated really great conversations and fit perfectly with a novel we were reading. The supplements and ready-to-go resources were excellent (as always). Thank you!

    Elizabeth B

Huellas 1.5 Sirena


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